Seewald­see Fontanella

The Seewaldsee in Fontanella, located in the Großes Walsertal, is one of the most popular destinations in our region. Accessible by a leisurely 35-minute walk, this idyllic lake, usually with a pleasant temperature, offers fun for both young and old.


A stroll to Seewaldsee in Fontanella is worth it in any weather and during every season, including winter. The lake can be easily reached on foot from the Fontanella/Säge bus stop in about 35 minutes. The gently sloping, low-traffic, asphalt road (accessible only to residents) passes by the houses of the Garlitt district, leading to the Seewaldseetobel. Once the impressive ravine is crossed, you arrive at the farms of the Seewald district. Nestled in lush meadows, the picturesque little mountain lake awaits.


Due to minimal water supply, the lake maintains exceptionally pleasant temperatures at this altitude (1,200 m). In summer, even on a warm rainy day, the lake is inviting for a swim. The delightful surroundings and two guesthouses by the lake offer perfect spots to relax and linger.

To the Livecam at the Seewaldsee